This is for all of Kim Kardashian's plastic surgeons......


    I'm amazed that all of you have

manage the make Kim K's body

resemble an hourglass and her butt the size of Asia.

And look, I have nothing against Kim K 

but today women believe that beauty comes from pieces of plastic that

are inserted in their behinds and breast

so their body parts can play peek-a-boo in a fitted dress.


And it's sad because I always wanted to be

those girls on the hip-hop videos

wanting the perfect arch in my back

and a goddess look that would make a man

become my servant and drop to his knees to 

kiss my feet.


But as a wise 83-year-old woman 

with feature similar to mine once said

"Yo' butt and hips will get you a man but yo' 

hands, mind and heart is what gon' keep him."


Now I don't know about all women

but I know most women would pay top dollar

for surgeries for the attention of men

others to have silicone fill the empty spaces of their



Yet they fail to understand that, just like

the Seven Wonders of the World

were created differently and breathe taking,

God made our temples different but made

something about each of them unique.


You see I finally learned that silicone

can't make me look full-grown.

I'm creole 17-years-old with a 

38-30-40 dress size, make any man or boy 

want to claim this prize, and when a chick ask

me how I got my body I tell her that I eat every

piece of chicken from Popeye's.

Not to brag but I, and most women who dont see it.

 have what boys 'round my way

call a "Beyonce Body".

Coke bottle frame that if you'll take a sip of it 

I'll make you drunk in love.


Ladies love the body God gave you

and don't let plastic try to repair the curves

that any man would want to travel on. 






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