Universal Truth

They will call you small.


Like an ant.
Or a speck
that trails behind the true stars.


They will call you small.


As they stand on each other’s shoulders
and climb on chairs
and look down their noses.


They will call you small.


But who deems what ‘small’ is?


The ant’s mind blowing strength?
Not small.


How the specks make the shooting star shine?
Not small.


And you?
God, not small.


You are the universe.


There are galaxies inside of you.

Planets shine behind your eyes.

Supernovas explode in your soul.

Black holes bury your secrets.

And you never cease to mystify.


You are the universe.
You are beautiful.


And like the ant,
or the speck…


You are not small.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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