Dolphin St
United States
45° 31' 15.9024" N, 93° 28' 22.3212" W
A clear, deep voice rings across the room,
It reaches me efficiently and fast. 
All I hear is my heart's boom, 
I stand relaxed but attentive, like a mast.
When my surroundings are quiet,
When no one else is around. 
He is still there. I want him there. 
I am in my most comfortable state. 
Quirkiness and mirth are his specialty, 
Caring love and attention are mine.
I treat him like royalty,
We are one, hooked on the same line.
Laying on a bed, the sun shines perfectly; 
A smile stares me down from the side.
The other half of me is idle, content,
I cannot help but smile back. 
There is nothing which completes me more,
Then his heart beating against my own,
My love is true, I deplore, 
It occupies my entire mind's throne. 
Nakedness of the flesh, 
Is not as important, 
As nakedness of emotion:
I remove all feelings' garments. 
He gives me the courage. 
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