Fri, 12/22/2017 - 08:35 -- Dvc1996

Shes looking like a vision
A work of art
She on a mission
Call her the new
And improved
Kim possible
she unattainable
Getting uh house soon
And that ferrari too
Who would've know
That a girl from
Dear old myrtle
Could be doing this
Could be killing it
Freddy Krueger
Givin' you
Even in the day and shit
Waking up
Thinking back
Yeah, that's her
now i remember
I've always known the sun
It was always
shinin' for me
Sometimes it would be blocked
By someone or something
But now, im stuntin'
Like it neva even happened
I can see the big picture
Seeing abuelita dorina
smiling back at me
from the heavens now
And letting her know
that everything
will work itself out
Never getting side tracked
Having a plan hun
Remembering the vision
The way that day
God spoke to you
On thursday
Those many years ago

You could already see it
That red embossed
Finish line
Ya moms crying
From the happiness
Her deborita
She made it to that gloried finished line
She had me first
a fair light-skinned
Lil chubby girl
Her hairs curly,
Always lookin' like a beaute
Always had a good heart
and that mind ripe
Gunna be like Mario
Going into the pipes
Comin' out to a different reality
The acutality
The boastness
Her graceness
Her essence
You could see it by her presence
Her eyes
Just like pikachu
They're big and nice and brown
She'll have you blushin
Your bloods rushin' too
She's a classic bro
An antique
Dusting her self off
Picking up
Right where she left off
She always knew
That she was worth it
Always have been
always will be
She'll have her own throne
Make you her disciples
What'd you think
That you'd be livin'
Lavishly without her?
That should be
an inside joke
A lil' side note






This poem is about: 
My family


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