Mt. Everest Success


The struggle to progress...the power to drive 

none will ever no how hard i tried 

with evil on one shoulder and the other with pride

no fear in my heart, but yet tears i cried 

time and time again i thrive for succes but get declined 

like swiping a credit card and always getting denied 

i need a set of friends that strive to retire by 35

that gradually build me up and not watch me hurriedly decline

As i look into my thoughts that dwell in my interior 

they scream out positive affrimations that ring like a chime 

this helps me to be fearless and walk in a straight line 

if i try to turn back there will be a do not enter sign 

which means i cant turn back i would lose all time 

some people dream for a white picket fence ​

while some people dream to "do it for the Vine "

I dream to "do it for money" without commiting a crime 

 But who am i to justify what succes is....... all i know is i tried


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