I am Beautiful

Sat, 11/15/2014 - 21:16 -- jazles


Horrid and Sad

I begin to think

why doesn't anyone love me/

Gruesome is what I had come to believe I was

Little did I know 

I was Beautiful


Crying so hard

with no words to say

How bad it must have felt

The pain I put myself through

Just because I thought I wasn't good enough

When in reality

I was Beautiful


Hating my choices

is what I've done

My choice to shut the world out

My choice to hide my feelings

My choice to be alone

i gave up my choices

because I figured something out

I was Beautiful


Lokking back on this

I see where I went wrong

It started with my confidence

which I have changed now 

and I reminisce

the thought of changing my difficult ways

and it is all because of me

All because

I am Beautiful


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