So why?

Sun, 09/21/2014 - 11:49 -- samanoj

So, why do you hide?

So, why is it that you cry with a smile covering your face?

For why, do you cover what's inside?

Let it come as the frost that covers the ground.

Come pass the peer pressure of  today and yesterday of this evil system of things.

Why hide behind a Crooked smile, for I know why you cry. Becauase your SCARED to know the real you, when I been knowning the real you.

Let these fears flee from your eyes and know I call from the spirit within to let me out of my Ice cold prison cell

For I keep Screaming and yet and still,

you... You!!!, YOU irgorne my cry's of pain.

For fear of being caught for being the REAL me.

Are you ashamed of me?! 

Fear NOT, I'm here just waiting  on you to love, respect, and charish yourself 

to FINALLY be yourself.

SO WHY, do you hide yourself My dear soul?

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