The Mask

Wed, 01/07/2015 - 15:32 -- 4naBo

The Mask


Everyday wake up

Never knowing what to say

Pretending to be someone else

Because I don't think being me is safe


Joining in on society's game

Jumping up and throwing blame


Not thinking about you

Who I'm directing the attention towards

Just trying to get their stares off my back,

Their eyes are as sharp as swords


Accidentally made the mistake of wearing something they didn't like today

They "hide" their smiles as they walk by

Laughing into their hands

Goading me to cry

I want to run run run and hide


I can't seem to change myself enough

But every time I become someone new

I just lose more of my real friends' trust


And the cycle goes on and on

Always thinking you're alone, just trying to belong.

But you can't keep hiding behind your scars

There's always gonna be someone who criticizes who you are


And it took me so many battles to learn that if I keep waking up expecting to fight a war

That's all I'm gonna get, and no more


And maybe right now it seems easier to face the day

With a new outfit, new hairstyle, new colors to compliment your face

And there's nothing wrong with those things, if they make you feel like you

But you can't wear them as a mask

And then go around feeling trapped


You gotta wake up

And smile at the day

Forget about everything they tell you to be

Forget about everything you're afraid they think


Because you're beautiful

And the world needs you


And the more you walk around wearing a lie

Believing the world wouldn't care if you died

The more times you'll trip

The farther you'll fall

The harder you'll hit


Because someone, someone is trying to give you a wake up call


Someone is holding their breath

Hoping one day you'll realize

That they feel blessed

To love you

And all they want is

Not for you to love them too

But for you to love YOU as much as they do.

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