I watch you stain a canvas with your presences

soft breath whispers your eyes don't see and

your ears don't hear

endless odysseys of conversations I’ve had with you

your body language the tool of choice

your flaming female essences, flumes, inflames, heats my bloody heart

exciting the fingertips of flame drops

continuously painting a seconds moment into a infinity array of events

that paralyses me to her last full nature

igniting my lustful nature

I  wonder how hard my heart would pound

if it wasn't just your perfume I was making love too

then you speak flooding my cravings out of captivity

surely angels kiss your lips when you sleep

nothing tastes so sweet to the ear, a sin to the mind

once upon the same lips and tongue I'll slip and devour forbidden fruits

past time sure-fire the present future

excuse my stare medusa, but your curves can seducer

a heartless soldier, stare up his libido

my fingers want to race running 100m races around your waist

standing behind you , I pull you close

and rest my cheeks and lips on your neck

don't be surprised nor disgusted  by the rising sun

behind your hill tops

you escape the grip of my hands

so I can swim from afar into the pool of your beauty

I appear and disappear drowning in your wetness in my mind

tell me what would it take, I want to, am I wrong if I say

(I wonder umuhle kangakanani when you take your clothes off)

chocolate brown sister

can I taste you, partake in sips and dips of your sweet and strong aroma

passionate kisses when you speak

I drown in the nouns and verbs title waves in your tongue

I image your moans as you speak in THE LANGUAGE OF THE GODS

your precious brown skin deciphering how many crimes

my mental hands have committed on your voluptuous body

when they steal the sweat out of your .......wait

how do you do it jo? give my eyes an orgasm

just with your wet body skin

I can't help the thoughts that come to mind

(I wonder umuhle kangakanani when you take your clothes off)

I know you hate talking about it, why don't we just do it

sometimes I just want to turn you on, and not get it on

sometimes I just want to feel

an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tensions at the height of sexual arousal

without cumin

can I fantasize for a moment

licks up your spine that mix up your wires in your medulla

orchestrate a full orchestra in your throat

be in perfect harmony with your sexual chords

hear you lead with echo's of thrusting Hallelujahs in your voice

ssssshhhh!!!! listen, fuck your ex's and how they made you feel

about your stretch mark and cellulite

that doesn't make you less tasteful

while he was bitching he forgot to stretch you up and sex you right

I know you're not a virgin, nor am I a surgeon

but I’m going to take you to cloud nine, and rebreak your hymen

while you blow my mind with your comprehension

take me deep near into the womb of your wisdom

I will be staring at the ripple moving on your thighs and ass cheeks

I have such a dirty mind

she walks from church approaching me and passes me

she's a blockbuster hit, but as I am looking at her the only thing on my mind is?

(I wonder umuhle kangakanani when you take your clothes off)

take my hand to chase away all your fears

make funny faces hell stay the whole day without make-up

the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice

don't lighten your skin trying to attract me

the natural you, is the sexiest thing known to man

I'm into you and not what the world thinks you should be

and that jean doesn't make your ass fat

you are thick and voluptuous with juicy thighs, a erotizing big butt and I like you like that.

now can I take it all off

taunt and tease, play and please

I want your body, the traces of your curves, my God your ass

a beautiful description of summer

that seductive fall to your figure, lets quenches each other's thirst

our shadows pasted on one wall pissing the other three off

time collapsing orgasms that make wet dreams jealous

and you're the inspiration

you see bad boys hit it first but it don't last long enough

then they say good guys finish last, that's because you cum first

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