My Light


When I was younger, I was a bonfire.

I blinded all who came to hurt me,

and could comfort those who sought my warmth.

I lit my surroundings with my wild light,

and was never afraid

because nothing could hurt me .

The world was mine to conquer.


Before I realized it, I was a pyre.

My words were filled with malice.

My mind and my eyes were blurred by the smoke.

I burned those who came too close,

and I was left to die out.

I became afraid of the dark.


As I got older, my flames grew dim.

I was nothing but a tiny spark.

The breath that came off their lips was enough to make me quiver.

My atmosphere was consuming me.


One night,

I looked to the stars.

They were so small,

and yet they could be seen for miles.

It was then that I dreamed of

becoming a star.


Now everyone can see me all around the Earth.

I can, and will, burn anyone who doesn’t respect me.

I will protect everyone from the dark,

so they won’t be left out in the cold like I was.

No one dares to look me in the eyes,

let alone touch me.

I shine brighter than ever before.

Now I am the sun.


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