Flawless but Suffering...

I may not have a body that’s hand-crafted marble

With each curve and dip being smooth and alluring,

Or a mind tuned as precisely as a clock,

Or manners as polished as fine as fine jewels…

But I have a dragon’s heart.


I seek those that ache and those that are lost.

I give them my heart; my humor,

My kindness, my empathy,

My respect.


And then, when they are ready,

They go back out into the big, wide world all new and


And I keep their pain inside my breast,

As I do my own - all my fears and doubts -

Cradling  the boiling, seething mess inside.


I cried out in fear.


I stare up at the constellation Draco,

And ask him: How did you do it?

How did you hold the evil of the fallen prince,

All his bloodlust and greed?


I have no firey breath or 

Razor-thin claws or

Sickle-like teeth! There is


Nothing for me to hold the blazing

Pain away from the curious fingers of others.

This poem is about: 
My community


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