Flawlessly Me


I'm flawless by the curve in hip

to the waves in my lip


From the limp in my walk

and the accent when I talk


The way I shake nervously in front of a crowd

Or the vicious crease in my forehead when my face makes a frown


From the way I shake from my old homes creak

It's old bones shattering making me weak


By the way my feet are caught always hugging

I blame them for my clumsiness, and me always tumbling


Or maybe it's the way my voice seems to squeak when I yell

Sounding like my vocal cords came from hell


How every bump on my face always seems to blemish 

And every cupcake I eat makes my thighs a little biggish


Maybe these aren't the definitions of flawless people want them to be

But these are the qualities that are flawlessly me!

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