Hurtful Lies and Deadly Ends


"Hey, guess what I heard" started it all,

It wasn't meant to hurt but

It did... I didn't know it would

Turn out this way.


"I heard she's a slut!" filled the air

That we all breathed in and

Blew out in sneering tones.


"Oh my God! He's SO fat! Get out the way fatso!" began to echo the halls and

 As laughs rang about the school

Muffled tears rained.


The girl who was called a slut,

Was as pure as clouds after rain but

She is no longer here for

Lies drove the clouds away.


The boy who was called fat

Had issues that no one

Knew nor understood and to cope with

His body he spilt blood, hoping to be thin some day.


Now I know and

Understand that my words had caused

Hurt but to realize I

Must stop. Before it starts. Again.

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