Love Myself

Because I Love you,

I think of you everyday.

I care about what you say,

Sometimes your words hurt.

Make me feel like dirt,

But I know you mean well

Even though it’s hard to tell.

When I laugh you’re the reason

Even though sometimes you betray me and commit treason.

You know my secrets and regrets

And because of that you are a threat,

But because I love you

I act like I don’t have a clue.

Sometimes I don’t Understand,

But I try to, because with you I want to stand.

You have the capability to kill me

But because I love you, you thrill me.

You make me cry

But when I think of you my eyes dry.

I feel when you hold your feelings back like a flame,

Because I love you, I walk straight in to tame the flame.

The reason I know where to find the flame,

Is because we are one of the same,

Because I love you

I am you.


This poem is about: 
My family



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