No Idiot- I just came for Closure

Sun, 01/14/2018 - 16:07 -- Kkallas

I need closure.


Set some things straight.


I was insecure and vulnerable, and no, I don't want to go on a date.


Why do you taunt me? 


Stupid, silly, fate.


I was enamored by your attention, the compliments you showered.


Young and nieve, and needed validation. You took charge, seized my power.  


You told me I was beautiful, I had never heard that before.


Your compliments like a drug, I had to come back for more.


I couldn't escape the cycle, I felt annoyed with your texts.


You wanted commitment, but I just wanted a rest.


I took some bad advice, cut off communication quick. 


It was very rude of me, and to that, I must admit. 


You started spreading rumors and calling me words I can't repeat. 


You battered my reputation, destroyed my image, and took my self-esteem.


I shut you out, but my heart was desperate, and memories will never leave.


Your role was important in my life, the painful web you weave.


Sadly at that point in my life, I valued your silly gifts and lies.


You made me happy for two years, something I can't deny,


I broke your heart, but amongst the tears, I found love from another heart-mine.






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Vakiya Glaspie

Woah, that was really beautiful and you should be really proud of yourself for this work you've created. I can relate to this on so many levels you wouldn't be able to believe, if you could be as generous I would love for your feedback on some of my work. I really would like to know what you think. Thank you for this,


Well thank you for your comment! I am happy that this poem resonated with you! 

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