Me Is Me

You cannot see me. I am a faceless person behind a computer screen. All you know about me is what I am about to tell you. Without all the physical stuff, this is me. The authentic and me that I strive to be. This is me without all the things I am so used to being defined with. This is my mind.

I am an enthusiast in life. If I find something I love, I grab it with both hands. Life should not be mediocre, it should be passionate, alive. Life should be lived. I’m a traveler. I want to explore other countries and be a part of them and their culture. I want to learn. I want to experience. I want to try new things. I am sensitive—and I’ve grown to like that about me. It allows me to empathize with others, it gives me intense awareness of people around me. I dream of one day having a place to call home, with things filled inside that make me happy like books, pictures, souvenirs, and people that I love. I want to feel productive and satisfied with life, doing things that I love to do. I just want to have a completely adventurous, passionate, weird life. I try to find joy everywhere I go, and hope to leave a little behind when I leave. I don’t feel fully alive until I am doing something I have never done before—no matter how small it may be. I strive to be fierce and strong. I’m attracted to laughter. I’m a reader, writer, dancing-in-my-room, singing-in-my-car kind of girl. I just want people to look at me and the good I am trying to become. I want my heart and my passions to be the most beautiful things about me. I want to live a life that I can look back on and be proud of, and know that I fully lived it. And that it was completely mine… and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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