More Than Meets The Eye


I am more than meets the eye.

I am not a tiny scented candle, slightly illuminating the room.

I am a forest fire, fueled by passion, love, and hope.

I am a fire that cannot be extinguished-- at least, not for very long.

I am a wildfire; whatever I touch will never be the same.


I am a looking glass that was once broken, but now reflects beauty.

I once had sharp edges-- I was an accumulation of shattered glass.

Now, I am a magic mirror that finds beauty in myself and in those around me.


I am a child at heart.

I am a slinky, always bending and moving, never able to sit still.

I am a Rubik's Cube, with many facets and colors.

I am a puzzle, a mystery that can never be solved,

No matter how many people try to twist me and turn me and fit me into places where I don't belong.


I am a part of nature.

A natural disaster, a natural beauty.

I am diverse, unique, untamable.

I am perfectly imperfect.

I am a volcano, bursting with passion,

 I am a quiet stream, comforting the lost and lonely.


I am not just the soft melody; I am the whole symphony.

I am not just the timpani; I am also the drummer, marching to the beat of my own drum.


I am more than meets the eye,

And I know the world is, too!


I see it for all that it is:

A place of corruption, of misfortune, of isolation,

A place of unmistakable beauty, of passionate love, of childlike ownder.


I am flawless not because of what others think of me.

I am flawless because of my heart, my greatest treasure.

My heart beats for a purpose, a purpose to make the light of the world shine brightly.


This purpose makes me more than what meets the eye.

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