Flawless Heart of Mine


Being flawless is not a trait that I used to see within myself

It was soemthing that I worked for, but never felt as though I would claim as mine...

I read about becoming flawless, the makeup piles stacking up on each shelf,

Making sure to excercise not to keep healthy, but to instead look as thin as a line...

I've done this for years, from the age thirteen and up, wishing to be someone who I was not

Nothing had worked, no hopes of a supermodel's body or holding the most flattering traits...

And then it hit me, why is outer beauty so important to which it engulfs me through my pleas?

Inner beauty and confidence is what truly makes a person give up on their hate...

I choose to keep the heart of a swan, the loyalty found in a dog

I strive for the intelligence of a dolphin, and the insight a whale...

I want our world to be lifted out of the consuming fog

I desire for there to be a day, in which judgements can not make us fail...

I am flawless, inside and out, for I am me

and being me is all that I have to be...

I am confident, intelligent, and giving 

no pretty face could even dare to compete...

Just notice yourself as flawless, and you will suceed

This poem is about: 
Our world


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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