They told her she could sing

She didn’t really hear it

She figured she could carry a tune

But she didn’t feel special

They told her she was smart

She didn’t really think so

She figured she got decent grades

But she knew there were plenty better

They told her she was athletic

She never really believed them

She figured she played a lot of sports

But she never associated herself with the athletes


She told herself she was ugly

That she had no real friends

If she did her eyes wouldn’t be so red

And she wouldn’t have to stare at that bottle of pills

She told herself she was useless

That no one needed her here

That she deserved the loneliness she felt inside

Because it was her fault that he left

She told herself that she’d be better off gone.


I wish I had told her how much I needed her

So she would stay a little longer

I could have wiped some of the tears

Let her know she was loved

I wish I had told her joy comes in the morning

That the sun rises after even the darkest nights

That God could handle even this

That she is beautiful.

I wish I had told her the promise I saw in her life

So she could have seen her future as bright

So she could have known that he did not leave because of her

I wish I could have told her that she was the best friend I ever had.



They tell me I can sing.


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