#NoFilter: God Doesn't Need A Filter


      What if being authentic was all that mattered in this world of always having the next big thing? Being what everyone else thinks you should be, doesn't matter. Many people try to change who they are and filter themselves to fit in. What is fitting in? Wearing your hair a certain way? Wearing the newest and most expensive clothes and shoes? That isn't being yourself. I am a person who doesn't care to change for anyone. Being original is cool, but being fake is bull. To filter yourself, is to change who you are. What is so important about having the newest of the new? They won't be there when you die. All these things will be left behind. I like what I like and there is no doubt. That being myself is what I'm all about. My smile and my style are my own for you to see. But my laugh  and personality are for only me. I will not change the things I like for someone else to see I'm in sight. If you don't like the clothes I wear or the way I style my hair, we don't have to be friends you see. Because without you, I will still always be me. I won't filter my feelings so you don't see what truly hurts me. Nor will I filter my words so you don't see the real me. No boy nor friend is worth changing for, because the only ones that matter will know the true me, and still come knocking at my door. I don't need a  filter on my selfie to make me look cute. Nor do I need nice fancy make-up to put all the boys on mute. God made you in his image, isn't that perfect enough? Are you saying that God needs a filter? No! And neither do I.              


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