I am who I am because of you

Dear Oppressor,

I would like you to thank you. 

Your mind may be orchestrating millions of ideas on why I would be saying thanks.

Why would she thank her oppressor? Is she crazy?

To answer those curious questions, I'm thanking my oppressor for doing what he does best, oppressing.

I'm thanking him because he has made me the strong person I am today. 

If he wouldn't have oppressed me, I would not have the zeal and strength I have today.

Thank you for making me realize that I can do anything I set my mind too and that I will prove oppressors wrong every time.

Because of you, words don't hurt anymore. My skin is as tough as a brick and you're words are like trying to stab through with a plastic fork. 

Your words never enter my ears. They bounce off the walls and back into your mind, where they sit for eternity and perish.

So thank you. Thank you for making me realize that words don't hurt. What I think of myself is all that matters and that will never change.



Your friend, The Benefactor



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