Dirty Gold


Dirty Gold

See this girl,

She’s perfect in your vision.

But if you look at her closer,

She looks

Hell of a difference.

You see,

She puts on makeup

To hide

All of these strange wounds,

Hide a broken heart that got strangled by all these strange dudes.


Used to hate you

Because they celebrate you.

Compare yourself you see the other things she can’t do.

Like really?

What has this girl really been through?

Reality finally kicks in when you see shes nothing like you.

You start to wonder about all the things that she’s been hiding,

And realize you never seen the real her  cause you’ve been  blinded.

Like how she puts a smile upon her face and says that shes okay.

Until she has the courage to walk right up to you and say,

I love God!

Nobody really likes me,

I’m not that really attractive

And everybody thinks that I was fine when I wasn’t.

And I hate my own crazy home,

I’m invisible!

Nobody sees what’s really wrong!

The most beautiful girl in the world is you,

You just wake up in the morning and continue to be you.

You dont care about the makeup on your face,

You dont care about what anybody has to say.

So you go out into the world and show everyone who you truly are,

Then everyone will finally see that you’re a Flawless Star.

Just be who you are.



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