They always has an opinion
formulating what's wrong or right
They utter words that damage hearts
destroy dreams
and alter lives

people scared to be themselves
lost identities in words of They
afraid to live
afraid to shine
afraid to break out of They's line

living in lies and holding secrets
wearing fabricated smiles to please They
releasing genuine cries to ease pain
leading more of the world to be vain

They don't know who they are
with words so powerful
constructing who we are
eternally craving attention

ignore what They says
be strong
face your fears
stay true to you



This poem was insprired by all the stories we hear in the media of young girls and boys conforming to what the world says they should be. I say forget the media and forget what They say (whoever your they is), stand up for yourself, love who you are, and embrace what makes you different!

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