I'm worth more than a


I'm worth more than a thousand suns
washing away at the darkness of those around me
my voice blooms roses with the way my words
grow thorns yet project passionate beauty.

I have eyes that can penetrate your soul
with this poisonous sweetness and a heart
that cages away like a goddess princess
hidden behind walls and walls of stone

My voice is poetry
in the way my tongue drips words on hearts
like ink on paper in ways that can make your soul tremble
I can make your soul tremble.
The way I talk, the way I walk, the way I appear
is to as a goddess: to someone else I'm their world.
I put men in their place as I walk with
grace: having them worship me in their place
overpowering them in love and life.

I have a head of a warrior
and a heart a a nurturer.

I'm essence, i'm fear, I'm ectascy.
I'm a beautiful nightmare that you endure everynight.
I'm worth the moon, the stars, the universe.

You can't trace a blemish on me:
I'm invincible.
I'm flawless.



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