I Wake Up Flawless

I am a woman. Therefore, I am power.

A typical woman is said to bloom like a flower.

Why bloom like a flower, when you can sting like a bee?

I am fearless, and I will be a queen.


I wake up every day now and I love what I see.

I was created to be who I want me to be.

I am the only one who can choose who I am.

If you think you still have a say, get ready to be slammed.


You have no power over me, a woman of determination.

My optimism and resolution won't come to a cessation.

I love every aspect of life, because everything is a test.

I'm not saying I'm the best, but I do believe I'm incredibly blessed.


No words you say can hurt me any more.

Life isn't an obstacle- it's an open door.

To let someone else hurt me is a fault of mine.

I learned from my mistake, and now I shine.


We are flawless as we are.

No need to wish on a shooting star.

Don't change for anyone else.

Just be true to yourself.


-I am determined to shine.

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