Words From A Beautiful Stranger


They say when you cry you're
"Suck it up " they say
Unknowingly they force you to hold back your tears
But don't hold them back ; crying is nothing more than escaping pain
Releasing painful memories from your heart and deshacklin' your soul
You release the pain of being bullied
Being called RACCOON for the first time in grade 4
Being called RETARDED because you stuttered
You release the pain of that first heart break
Remembering when he said you didn't fit the part
When you saw him holding hands with a girl you called your Bestfriend
You release the pain if that time you looked  in the mirror and was disgusted by the figure looking back

You want to scream out " YOUR WRONG I'M PERFECT"

But like a fire with nothing to cling to your voice dies down into nothing more than a lost thought in a wave of emotions
You need to realize you are perfect
If you can't find anything beautiful about yourself, DIG DEEPER!!

See that you are and forever will be PERFECT!
You are from the graduating class of perfection
A place where having dark circles around your eyes is beautiful and you don't need makeup to cover it up
A place where having dark patches on your arms, legs, hands, neck, face is GORGEOUS and you didn't need long sleeve shirt every time you walked out

So the next time you have to cry


Let every painful memory flow from your heart

Cause I can promise you that when it's all gone....
Your gonna see exactly what I see

                                       Always love,

                                     Beautiful you 


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