My Eyes Tend to Judge Me


                          my eyes tend to judge me 
my mind wonders recklessly as I stare in the mirror
my eyes tend to judge me..could I make this any clearer?
I fall in to the belief that I am flawed, flawed beyond repair
look at these scrawny legs, look at this mess of hair
my eyes tend to judge me, for what? I am not quite clear
my eyes tend to judge me, me and me only, my dear
I am my biggest critique, yet my most loyal admirer
I value and cherish every inch of me, for those who may enquire
simplicity is divine in a world full of judgement 
we must cherish ourselves to the fullest, and think less or nothing of it
my eyes tend to judge me, as I progress each day
my eyes tend to judge me, each and every way
I become anxious at the thought that I am incapable of love
therefore I seek change, for myself and all the above 
I mask myself with makeup, to cover up my flaws 
but what is the makeup really for? my internal withdrawals 
I envision a life carefree, a life without worry or insecurity 
I envision a life free from sin, having nothing but purity
I am not quite sure what I was planning to see
my eyes judge no one. no one but me.
my emotions dwell within me, lost and blind 
hidden behind the lies of "okay" and "I'm fine"
the problem with the world today, I shall let this be made true 
we focus on what we don't have, as opposed to what we do
reality strikes me.. I am perfectly flawed 
a diamond on the outside as well as on the in
the most cherishable aspect of life is loving everything under your skin
my eyes tend to judge me, as I feel I am not suitable 
my eyes cease to judge, but why? because I'm beautiful. 
This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


Kadie Hawkins

Wow. This was amazing. You have a true gift.

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