Saved from Hell by that Damn Shell


There is a tiny dot that starts it all.

Around and around goes the girl,

Spinning faster and faster.

Waves crashing, growing larger after every whirl.



Every rush of movement of thoughtful pattern.

Every line identical to the previous, to the latter.






Circles and roundness envelop me.

The smoothness of shadows splash out in utter clarity 

And have firm control of my attention.



The intricate networks of circular perfection gradually fade into emptiness.

My attention to its persistant void is apparent.

It is lifeless, shell-less



Seems all to be left, but that's not true.

The ocean has seem to already gloat in its victory,

But I had no idea that of everyone I'd be saved by you.

My life until now was hell, was misery

Can i give in? Is that my destiny?



Is felt with one touch of that magical seashell at the bottom of the ocean.

There is a tiny dot that starts it all.

And it moves in a perfect circular motion,




Without opening my vestigial eyes I can feel the intricate networks.

The pattern so familiar to the seashell

And today saving me from becoming a corpse



I involuntarily smile as the intricacy transforms into a simple smooth surface.

The beauty has transcended, and now so must I.

No longer will I be without purpose.



Finally, I breathe air and take in as much oxygen as my lungs allow.

The stars glimmer the sky making it bright with the promise of tomorrow.

I stagger along to where I dwell

Because today I was saved from Hell,

And not from a person, but from a damn shell.


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