Sat, 01/31/2015 - 21:16 -- rae200

Quick take a picture

What can we see?

An everlasting flawess flitered picture of me

Hair done

Skin soft

Eyebrows on fleek

Eyes tipped

Black dip, winged tip on me

In this landscape I am perfect

In this photo I seem free

No stress, no baggage, a pure edited me

In my smile the scowl from hours before, hidden

Behind sepia I falter, with the Aden touch I flourish

Hair done

Skin soft

Eyebrows on fleek

Eyes tipped black dipped,

Winged tip on me,

Hold up

Quick take a picture

What can you see?

The unedited landscape of an unfiltered me

Hair messy, loose bun, sweat pants I'm standing

In an unedited home with unfiltered baggage

Pencil in hand, writing furiously 

You see I'm most productive as an unedited me

As my fingers scrap the untensil rapidly scraping the canvas, my unedited soul flows onto unedited madness

With no filter I am driven,


and free

I take the raw images of life, splash it into a sea,

A sea of imagination and wonder, all of my blunders as well as glee

The unedited life before the filter

Brings out the writer in me





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