To Everyone


To the girl peering in the mirror,

who, for some reason, thinks she is inferior,

because her hair isn’t straight,

her body isn’t fake,


To the boy hiding in the corner,

avoiding the crowd as if some foreigner,

scared, alone, afraid to stand tall,

certain nobody loves him at all,


To the high school senior about to embark,

their future just a question mark,

afraid, confused, excited, all the same,

ready for adventure and change,


To the college grad without a plan,

devastated and broke with nowhere to stand,

eagerly clutching your sought after degree,

approaching the world, an eager bee,


To the women with children all around,

when dirty dishes and grimy hands abound,

stressing and planning,

longing for a break, a way of escaping,


To the man with piles of files,

desperate for something to make him smile,

eager for the workday to end,

desperate for a friend,


To those at the end of their life, 

who see death as a sharp knife, 

scared but resolved to get through, 

enlightened by their new view,


Despite fears,



you are flawless


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