The Real Fame


United States
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Sometimes it seems like you just can't stand it,
Watching as some people take things for granted.
They think they have what it takes to make it through,
But trust me they're no more better off than me or you.
Thinking it's the money and the popularity that takes them there,
Putting on their masks and acting like they even give a care.
You see them on the covers of the magazines,
Flaunting it on the red carpet in the TV screens.
But what they really just don't get,
Is that their goals have yet been met.
There is no way happiness can survive on that kind of basis,
Faking their lives just so they can become the memorable faces.
Nothing will ever scream success more than pure happiness,
Every day people out there satisfied who settle for less.
But it is the heart that's worth the gold,
So please let everyone out there be told:
It just doesn't get much better than living it for tomorrow today,
Understand what i'm trying to say is that love is the real fame.


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