Genetically Selected; Me


United States

From the coils on my head

To the Birth mark on my right arm

From the pigment of my skin

To the beauty of my charm

I am the expressed genes of my DNA

Genetically selected me I must say


Behind a camera there is me

No filter or edits

Just a human being

"You so dark" I have heard people say

Yes, I am midnight and like that I want to stay

"Your hair so short"

Yes, I agree and it is still as strong as the roots of a tree

"But have you seen the gaps in between your teeth"

Yes, I have and I still say cheese


Keeping my head up is no hard task

I rock my flaws I don’t need a mask

That’s genetically selected me, if you ask


Within the nucleus of my cells

Twenty three pairs of chromosomes

Within those pairs thousands of genes

Within those thousands my deoxyribonucleic acid “DNA”

Which makes me in this day and age

I am genetically selected modified to be who I am

So I must say

Genetically selected me is how I want to stay

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