I am a flawless woman


“They” say there are certain standards to conform to

That a lady needs to watch her mouth and hold her opinion.

“They” want to mold me into society’s ideal unflawed woman who bites her tongue and cooks in the kitchen.

I would become flawed if I bit my tongue, if I cooked in the kitchen, if I held my opinion.

My voice, My tone, My passion, it is what makes me a flawless woman.

I will voice my opinion, I will be in control, and I will not become inferior,

I am flawless because I am a woman who knows what she wants, who doesn’t back down.

Tear me apart on the outside. Tell me my eyes are too close together, that my nose is too big, that my hands are too large for my body, and my feet are oddly shaped.

But you can’t take away the girl I am. I am a perfect version of me.

I am a flawless woman who has a voice to be heard.  


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