It's Hard to Believe

It's hard to believe that a girl like me is Flawless.

There are so many things that feel about myself,

That are just....not.

I don't physically flawless.

I can point out everything I hate easily,

But I guess everyone can do that too.

I'm not flawless emotionally or mentally.

I have low self esteem.

When you see me, you can't see it on the outside.

I am hiding it with a confident look and my head held high.

But really, I'm worried on the inside.

Because I can't help to wonder what people are thiking of me.

I think,

"I look awesome today!

Someone has to think that I look cool too!

That's silly...

No one thinks I'm cool.

I am just imaginating it all."

And when I am talking to a stranger, it is even worse.

I am alwas cautious and stumbling over my words.

And when I leave,

I end up hating myself a litte bit more.

It's hard to beleve that a girl like me is Flawless.

In my eyes,

Because I see all of the bad in me.

I end up shaping myself with my negativity,

And become blind to the good.

 That I am creative.

Drawing,writng,and coming up with new ideas are the highlight of my day.

When I used to come home with paint on my fingers,

I felt so accomplished.

I'm unique too!

And I love it.

I don't want to be like everyone else.

I want everyone to see me for...

I always try to be loving.

No matter who the person is!

Unless someone hurts another on purpose.

Then they will have issues with me.

I don't judge.

I have been judged many times in my life for things out of my control.

So I always try not to do that to others.

I am a nerd!

And I mean that in a loving way.

I love that am a fan of all the things that I am passionate about!

I love being in the fadoms with others with the same passion.

I absolutley adore my hair.

Most of the time it is silky and smooth...

When it's not being a mane straight off a lion.

The color is bright and dark,

And it's finally grown the length have been hoping for.

I really like the color of my eyes.

They are a dark navy gunmetal blue,

Like God took a part of the sky when it is starting to turn dark,

And added strands silver from the moonlight,

With just a speck of golden stardust on the side.


Looking back through all of this...

Even though I don't feel like it most of the time...

I have a lot of good qualities as well.

Alright, maybe I am not without Flaws...

But now..

I can believe that girl like me can be Flawless!  



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