Why can't you see that I'm okay?
Why do you keep trying?
Why do you turn away?
Why must I keep lying?
Why do you even ask?
When you know, I'm hiding behind a mask.

You listen to my silent cries
You can see my broken smile
You stare into my teary eyes
But you brush my emotions into a pile.

I lose myself within my sins
Knowing I won't be able to fight back
But there's a small part of me
One that can't be diminished, you see

I won't be broken down nor pushed to my knees
This isn't the life I'm going to lead
I refuse to be pushed to the ground
Because I will keep getting up, even more proud

I'm not ashamed of my bruises or scars
It's what kept me going for far too long
I will continue to keep going, living for my dreams
Hoping to turn it into my reality.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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