My head is up and my heart is beating

But yet it doesn’t feel any different to be standing here

Like I’m someone I’m not

My heart has been beaten, torn, shattered, and broken

But life moves on like no one can believe

I’m stuck in this moment

And it keeps replaying over and over

What does it mean?

I’m stuck in the past and can’t move on

Others make it look easy

Like one simple step

It’s not

I can’t move on

I’m in denial and can’t get up

Reality broke my knees

And made me realize the messes I’ve made in the past

Never having a hand to hold

Or someone to say it’s gonna be ok

Many people may say things

But does anyone ever mean anything?

My world works like a prison

Reality is a prison

Memories are the guards that keep everything in line

And me?

I’m the prisoner…

Locked away and forgotten about

No visitors, no light to see

So many seconds pass by as I sit and wait

Patience is not an option

Neither is directly coming to a conclusion

Who am I to be judged?

So many others have the feeling like they’re alone

Truth is they’re not, but reality is

Who can help them?

My questions don’t meet up with the answers

Neither do the memories to the past

It’s times like these that make me feel

Like the monster inside me

Has been unleashed to the Realm of Darkness awaiting

There’s no one there waiting for me

I look down in the muddy water

And see the reflection of someone eaten by misery

The twisted features are surreal and cannot be described

No matter how hard you try

It cannot be done

Pain and healing are two different things

But never as united into one in my case

My stare is blank to the world

Others wonder what I may be looking at

I would be looking at what I could have done

What I’ve started and could have ended

Reality doesn’t let you escape easily

And never wants to let go

Of it’s victims... 


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