Identity Progressions

In an attempt to introspect

I write this verse with my heart

Very somber, filled with regrets

But with clarity beyond any extrinsic breath

See, before I was living in bad faith

I was busy perpetrating the stereotypes of my race

I was out to get mines, my slice of the cake

Someone would be right in assessing

That with my vanity and charm, I was trying to catch a break


Someone would want me

I just had to fit in

Adulation of a group is what I reaped

Satisfaction and an affinity for the masses’ attention

Happened to be what I seek

But it must be psychological

That fact that attention at home and approval from authority

Was given so infrequently I had to find somewhere to show my glory

My destitute soul only wanted to escape the chains of inferiority

All I can say now is poor me


But I found something beyond what people make of me

Music, it takes me to just the places I want to be

Challenging and self-actualizing,

It brings peace and quiets the beast of egotism

I found creativity and crave more knowledge, more wisdom

About how analogous my world is,

To Progression of fourths and fifths

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