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****This is the poem if you cannot see it well, I tried my best and thank you! I enjoyed writing and drawing the background of this poem. :)****


Self -Reflection

By: Rosalia Pablo-Miguel

Mirror, mirror,

You cannot control me!

I know I have imperfections

When I see my reflection,

Yet I am strong and beautiful

And worthy.

God made me for what I am;

This is what makes me flawless.


Mirror, mirror,

Truly look at me!

Head to toe, I am unique,

I can do things other cannot.

I know I am genuine and authentic

And special.

I see what I truly am:

Unblemished and impeccable.


Mirror, mirror,

Truly look within me!

Inside lies a creative soul,

A powerful mind.

I am intelligent and passionate

And compassionate.

I never give up, even when I stumble,

That makes me infallible, perfect.


Mirror, mirror,

You and people

Try to tear me apart.

Confidently, I build myself up.

I believe and achieve

And never give up.

I know what I see in the glass:

I am eternally flawless!


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