#Un-filter meUn-filter me,Remove my

#Un-filter me

Un-filter me,

Remove my flawless skin,

My dark deep eyes with perfect eye liner

All the glitz and glamour

My perfections,

My everything.


Un-filter me,

Expose my non-perfect skin,

My dark dull eyes that seem so dim,

Expose my imperfections one after another,

But trust me, it’s no bother.

My skin isn’t flawless, it’s beautiful

My eyes don’t shine, but they see everything wonderful


Un-filter me,

Don’t make me a monster,

Filled with lies and other,

Instead expose my happy personality,

Expose the reality.

Detoxify my face,

Clear my eyes

In the end, it’s me hidden under all the lies.


What’s better than natural beauty,

A layer of skin that is freed,

Eyes that can see everything,

A real smile that isn’t toxic,

A picture that doesn’t make me sick.

So before you take the next picture,


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