Shattered sick tears heart ache

Something ran off with my soul. Now that I think about it his body was the ascending opposite of room temperature. But was so warm to my ice cold imprisoned child state of mind.

See I didn't ask for this love thing. In fact I had no clue that I would make you go through doors and doors of fire blazing bushes and design 23 mazes with big bright yellow caution signs that would display such tender heart racing symbols that in a non original way scream GET OUT !!. So excuse me for being in such ah, and gasping for shallow breathe that followed my daily uproar of humor and finger pointing. Not to mention heart soul and mind sick form of bullying, I was cowardly impressed with gazing in your blind eyes every time I kicked you and watched you get up. Like some sort of brave world war 1234 and 5 soldier or like a strong black man who's exact reason of execution is the exact reason we as flawed humans execute each other. You were like giving a dying fish out stranded on our Creator land fresh water mixed with a dash of salt and watching it breathe again .I will repent for thinking thoughts to my self like “this must have been how it felt removing the tomb stone that was once made to be Jesus Christ final destination” . Or how it felt like my entire atomic force froze in one spot and my eyes suddenly turned crystal clear as I watched the most beautiful love story of all in disbelief as I saw all 4 seasons and I blinked twice as I cought this moment on my smartphone camera my iPhone number 1993 editions 20/20 resolution. A miracle of love as the multi colored autumn leaf fell into icy snow that covered the sunflower that went from one inch to 7inches tall as the may rain dripped so silently on the sun of my inner flower. So thankful and certain you were sent not by HIM this time like all the times before but sent by HIMMM ! SO I opened the doors, and burned down the burning bushes, as I dazed in your misguided heart and I met your child and I extended a warm welcome to my own personal ANNABELLE”, But we were not in the far away place by the sea. And as I got closer to this someone like thing that I was certain was sent by HIM and not HIM, i couldn't see brave heart any more, as all 4 seasons changed before my crystal eyes once before ,they did not return the inner sun to my flower was dehydrated, the sun shining so bright covered the clouds that melted the snow and the multi colored autumn leaf crumbled and turned into matter only familiar with matters of the heart of the blossomed tongue turned treacherous !

So something ran off with my heart . The caged heart lays silent !

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My family
My community


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