Unfiltered to filter



Taking a picture day in and day out little imperfections

Quickly to be corrected hide the true beauty waiting to be discovered

Already covered from a quick click to filters of all kinds

But why filter the absolute beauty of the real view that won’t be a repeat

But can’t actually be defined?

Behind every selfie there was a reason or a smile

A reason for the caption but what I seem to think is

What needs to be added?

Behind all filters there’s an amateur nature photographer

Who zooms in on the little things making them visible to the

Social eye, maybe not getting as many “likes” so add “Valencia” here or


There’s a girl with a few scars and marks that went from light in her

Life to the very dark of nights

No one sees past the lightened trees in the pictures taken with the

Edited brightening

No one sees past the need to edit perfect pastor daughter

Reputation or will the whole church

Seek thy flaws along with thy father like the no filters used on our

Unperfected perfect picture vacations?

Behind All things perfected one will find a quiet girl hardly

Under the social eye

 For one doesn’t crave attention

 One craves the imperfect moment that will make perfection absolutely perfected

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