What's to know, I know

I don't want to be like any other

I want to be superior to all my brothers

I don't want to be told what to do 

I want to have my own crew to do as I do

No, I don't want no handouts

No, I don't want no cop outs

I just want to stand out

I want the world to know what I'm about

I don't want to be ordinary 

I want to be extraordinary

I don't want be stressed

I want to be blessed

No, I don't want to be perfect

No, I don't want to any disrespect

I just to be direct and live to reflect

I don't want to live with any doubt in me

I want my actions to bring out the best in me

I don't want negatively in my circle 

I been down that road

I do know this world can be so cold

Yes, I do count my blessings

Yes, I even do when life can be so depressing

I do know my mind is like no other

the more I wonder my mind ventures further

I do know I'm special 

I know this because God made me careful 

Yes, I am full of mistakes

Yes, I am living with high stakes 

but, I do know my life is just beginning

I know there is no room for quitting 

I do know I am a live

and this life is mine

I know I am different 

that just makes me so significant 


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