Gifts of Pizza

Tue, 01/27/2015 - 17:48 -- pnatmhs

Paul N

10th grade


[Bold- say it loud]


Gifts of PIzza




What do you appraise

when you eye all skin and bones

and the truest pizza face?

do you condone to what is shown?


Do you notice the endowments

hidden beneath the periphery?

The numbers, the talents

the accomplishments and abilities?


Do you see the aptitude

in art and academics?

Do you see the aptitude

in music and athletics?


Do you note proficiency

in more than two languages,

Do you note personality,

through vintage visages!?



Have you met Superficiality?

Did he tell you about the peasant?

The peasant has no facility

he has-no - presents...


Did you meet ol' Profundity

and his good ol' pet Knowledge?

The true looks of the majority,

lies located in their courage


Robust Rooster, or Highbrow Hen,

What is the success key?...

But were you in fact moved then,

by “facts” of superficiality!?


So how - is the estimation

of perfection

related to the proclamation

of impression?


For quantifying flawlessness

is measured by earnestness

and not by some vintage visages

that gives misleading messages!


But who am I to know

where perfection is positioned...

who is anyone to know

for it is not known by cognition


All I know

is that


am 'perfect.'



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