When did "what filter should I use?" become a real question?

Is natural lighting not enough? 

The real beauty is in your eyes,

Not in the tint of the screen.


Take a look in the mirror, not in your cell phone.

Maybe the camera doesn't do you justice, 

See past the pixels, into your eyes.

And maybe you'll realize how beautiful you actually are.


I vow to put down my phone, and take off the filter

I vow to take off my makeup, and take a real "selfie"

I vow to show you the real me, no filter needed.

All I need is for you to join me.


So take a minute to realize you're FLAWLESS!

Take off your makeup, and smile for one more selfie.

Give it the natural light, and don't include a filter.

When someone asks you, just tell them it's called FLAWLESS.


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