A Puzzle Piece


I am a puzzle piece

Like everyone else I am trying to find where I “fit” in the world.

I’m trying to be a significant part of the world, make friends in the world,

Maybe do something great for the world

And like everyone else I’m simply another piece of the puzzle we call life.


But, I’m my own special puzzle piece.


Similar to a tidal wave, I have my ups... and my downs,

But if life didn’t have pain would happiness have meaning?

Similar to a newborn baby, I pretty naive (I’m a suburban kid for gosh sakes)

but I also have a lot of potential,


Yet I don’t know what to do with it.


Like a leaf gliding in the wind, I too, drift around, not knowing my destination,

But trusting that I’ll get to it someday.

I don’t know why I was put on earth,

Or why I was given certain gifts.


Haha, college? I’m lost for words when it comes to my future,

I can barely keep track of today

Let alone look towards tomorrow.


There’s a fog in my mind keeping me from seeing too far ahead,


But I know one thing for sure

I will find where I “fit” in the puzzle.

I don’t know when, nor do I know how,

I just know that I’ll find it,


Because a puzzle isn’t complete if it’s missing a piece.


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