Defeat your Demons

You fall deeper each day into an ocean filled with dark, murky water.

You want to escape but the current filled with self-doubt makes it harder.

You constantly seek freedom but the dark shadows of negativity hold you down.

You become chained to the abyss by the demons from within.

You believe that you need to find a key but you are clueless to where it can be.

You begin to search but have no trace.

You feel as though humanity has lost faith in you but you keep searching for the light.

You close your eyes and inhale crisp, thin air.

You exhale the toxic fluids that filled your lungs.

You open your eyes and you are standing over a puddle.

You have conquered negativity by diminishing all of your fear and self-doubt.

You found your euphoria by defeating all of your demons.

You, my dear, are an awesome individual and you are worthy of happiness.


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