The Square Root of Negative 1


The definition of flaw is defect or fault;

The definition itself is contradictory to Heaven and Earth.

Everyone is made specifically and perfectly as they are,

So any "flaws" are actually evidence of flawlessness.

There are no accidents in creation.

Each freckle, dimple, and hair

Were put specifically there

To design each person uniquely.

So there are no faults or flaws,

But only details.


Details create us--

Create me and you.

People may point out certain details and call them flaws,

But they are blind to the perfection that I've realized I am--

The perfection that you should realize you are.


Being bigger than a size 2 isn't a flaw,

But a miraculous way my body sustains itself.

Getting blemishes isn't a flaw,

But proof that I'm an amazing human being

Who sweats and gets dirty and has hormones

Like I'm perfectly intended to.

Being an occasional emotional wreck isn't a flaw,

But the outcome of being a sensitive girl

With a strong conscience and nostalgic tendencies,

And I'm proud of that.


The list goes on

Of details that many see in a negative light,

But I am perfectly made,

And I am perfectly me,

And there are no such things as flaws on me

Or on you;

You are perfectly made,

And you are perfectly you.


Take a look in the mirror

And embrace the details that make you






Like I do everyday,

And you too will realize that your "flaws" are nonexistent.

Flaws are equal to the square root of negative 1:

Flaws are imaginary.

Perfection is what's real.

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