Daring to be Defiant

Sick of division, powered by ambition

Brushed into a corner from their social superstition


What's your favorite color, boy?

White girls are who he enjoys

Therefore I'm not worthy of his attention

Should I mention

All the times boys have called me

Unattractive, chinky, bitch

Just because I don't resemble a white model

From a catalogue from Abercrombie and Fitch?


When my skin doesn't show up in his spectrum

I'm told to shg it off, yet I'm still forced to respect him


Doesn't take me seriously

A small brown girl from the Philippines

Sorry I don't meet your criteria or your basic shallow needs


But what I can't change is none of your business

If we want to make progress

We must redefine flawless


According to the man, the perfect woman

"Is without any blemishes or imperfections"

But who can perfectly steer this game in my direction?

Men think, as a woman, my purpose is only to give men erections

According to what law? What book? What section?


I want to change the world

Level: International

But they say "Miss, please, be rational"


I refuse to be caged in a kitchen

Have a taste of the sandwiches you'll be missin'

Because in the end, it'll be my ass that you're kissin'

Maybe I like being an Asian woman who dares not fall into submission


I've got big plans that'll soon be taking flight

Don't dare hold me down, I will put up a fight

Fly right over their heads

I could be dead

Doing perfectly what I've been told

Sit down, do nothing, grow old


Failure is imperfect

To give up instead of working for it

I'm still going last time I checked

So by definition, I'm still perfect--ly capable of being flawless

Except it is my choice, not the media's, not the man's

Of what parts of me make me a godess

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