Nobody's perfect, and I'm proud of that.

If I was perfect, I'd feel too flat.

A two dimensional character is what I am not.

Genuine notions are what I have brought.


Makeup and filter habits have been overthrown.

These bumps and scars show the way I've grown.

A face all my own, flawed yet fine,

My words borne of an honest wine.


Pale isn't sexy, pale isn't "right".

I've been put down for being too white.

Tanning is a filter, and I don't like the shade.

The color of my skin is too bright to fade.


Yeah, I've tried to hide it, my forehead is enormous.

Yet the shapes of our faces are things that form us.

Nose, quite long and hooked,

Yet not where people have always looked.


Intelligent eyes of an ocean blue,

Above them strong blades of blonde flew.

They think that I wear lipstick, rosy.

Red, dry lips when they look closely.


When I speak, it is with the truth in mind.

What I tell you you'll see is what you will find.

My words on paper take a different form.

They spin tales from a creative storm.


I'm sensitive, I overthink, and i can be lazy.

Sometimes I think I've also gone crazy.

Whether I'm funny or kind is for others to judge.

My intelligence could use an upward nudge.


I have no filter. I'll tell you how I feel.

Others may carry armor of steel.

This is me without a wall.

Now let yourself out, let your barriers fall.

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