I am only flawless once I accept my flaws



I can tell you what does not make me so. 

It's definitely not that Beyonce song.

And I can tell you, and I promise you, I didn't wake up like that,

Neither did that other girls claiming they did.

It's most certainly not the lumps, bumps, or red dots on my face.

It's not the scars the on my knees from the times I've been too adventurous.

It's not the makeup bought from the drug store.

It's not the way my hair looks.

It's definitely not my style, or lack there of.

I'm positive that it is definitely not the way my thighs jiggle when I walk. 

It not the fact that I graduated from high school with a 4.06 in three years instead of four.

Or it's not the other fact that I've been working since I was thirteen years old to support myself.

It's certainly not the boy or any boy for a matter of fact.

And while we're at it, my family didn't either.

I'll even mention that my best friend is not a contributing factor or my cat.


And if we're being honest, I am not flawless all the time.

I am only flawless once I accept my flaws.




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